How does the service work?

We have a great service, and it’s pretty simple….

We offer quick and efficient tree delivery throughout Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. How? It’s pretty simple. The Christmas Tree Delivery Company is about making your holidays bright and here’s how!

  1. Find the tree you want on our Shop page. Choose a tree in a variety of sizes from 6’ to 10’ for your home or business in Cincinnati or NKY.
  2. Once you purchase a tree with us, we will send a form with different dates to choose for delivery. We will deliver on multiple weekends as well as different parts of the day.
  3. The date has been picked, and now it’s time for you to prepare. Get out your tree stand and all of the trimmings, because the tree is on its way!
  4. All our trees have been newly cut in the last week. This means halfway through December your tree won’t be shedding needles constantly. Less mess, less cleanup, and less stress.
  5. Here comes the tree! Get ready for the joy and happiness your Christmas will have with a beautiful tree.
  6. We set up the tree (EDIT – During Covid, we will be delivering to your door… so most of the way). Though we have tree stands to rent, if you prefer, we will place them in whatever tree stand you have available.
  7. Enjoy your new Christmas tree. Hopefully, it gives an excuse to get family and friends around and experience Christmas together.
  8. That’s right, we aren’t done yet: We pick up the tree! We will have dates to pick it up shortly after New Years. We will pick up, clean up, and dispose of it. Your tree will be turned into mulch for planting….. OR for an awesome fire if need be.